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composite geomembrane

Model No.︰Width: 2-7m
Brand Name︰TianYan
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 2 / sqm
Minimum Order︰5000 sqm
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Product Description

Tianhai composite earthwork film is earthwork composition material that is produced from more than two materials of earthwork fabric (long and short fiber needle embroidering earthwork cloth, weaving earthwork cloth, plastic weaving cloth, etc.) and macromolecule material (HDPE film, LDPE film, EVA film, etc.) by rolling and thermal melting.

1,Our company has composite earthwork film production experience for over ten years, solves various defects of similar product such as different length and width, non-uniform film thickness and many holes caused by composition, makes strict inspection on each leaving-factory product, and makes the products ply their functions in project applications to the maximum.

2,Our company develops into the producer with two technologies of rolling and thermal composition at present. Width of the product reaches 7m, comparing with same products, it reduces joint, decreases construction cost, shortens construction period, and reduces hidden trouble caused by incorrect joint handling.

3,Composite earthwork film uses earthwork fabric to replace particle material as earthwork film protection layer so as to protect earthwork film anti-seepage layer from damage and to reduce grading requirement of underlying layer particle diameter, and can play the function of drainage.

4,Composite earthwork film has large friction factory, and can prevent coverage layer from sliding. Comparing with simple HDPE film, non-woven cloth in composite earthwork film has large friction factor, and composite earthwork film can make slope ratio increase, and reduce floor area

5,Composite earthwork film has high mechanic strengths such as tension, tearing, breaking and puncture resistance.

6,Composite earthwork film has certain deformation quantity, has quick transfer and spread of stress caused by uneven defect of underlying layer, and has strong stress capacity.

7,Hole pressure and floating support force on contact surface between composite earthwork film and earth body are easy to spread.


one-cloth one-film Base cloth: 100-1,000g/m2    Film thickness: 0.2-2.0mm.

Two-cloth one-film      Base cloth: 80-600g/m2 Film thickness: 0.2-2.0mm.

One-cloth two-film      Base cloth: 100-1,000g/m2    Film thickness: 0.2-0.8mm.

Multi-cloth multi-film Base cloth: 100-1,000g/m2    Film thickness: 0.2-0.8mm.

Payment Terms︰T/T
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